Hello!  I am LaQuetia Gilliard, born in Bucksport, SC but now reside in Columbia, SC.  I am a wife and mother.  However, my first love is God.

My passion for the Lord began to grow around 2005.  I had to know more about Him but was not sure how to do so.  After attending bible studies that focused more on preaching and lecturing or reading books by other authors and never opening the Bible, I knew this was not it! I had a hunger and thirst that could only be filled by studying and discussing the His Word.  I sat down one day at my computer and searched “Bible Studies in Columbia, SC” and was led to Shandon Baptist Church which launched me into the method of study I prefer for myself.  The rest  … as we say is HIStory (through me).

Spending time in the Word of God is truly the highlight of my day.  I have been so blessed to learn how to rightly divide His Word through  Inductive Bible Study which is taught by Precept.  Now, I desire to teach others how to accurately study the Word of God.  The avenues He has allowed me to use the gift He has given me are Sunday School Teacher, Bible Study Teacher, and Speaker.  I also am currently a bible study student.  (I am never too big to sit and learn 🙂 ).

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2007 and it has not only tested my faith but also strengthened it.  As this illness has seemingly become progressively worse, I have learned to rest in God more and more.

It is my desire to provide a place for encouragement and also to share things I do to cope and persevere in spite of the pain.

This blog is not just for those who suffer from chronic illnesses but anyone who wants to grow in the Lord.

Let us get to know one another, learn and grow together.

If you would like to contact me, my email address is faithsfruit@yahoo.com